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Hi, I'm Natasha.


I am a stay-at-home mom/teacher able to do it all thanks to the use of the internet and technology. Every day is another day to get through with the usual challenges of raising little kids while balancing life at home and part time work. But within the challenge I've found creative ways to make each day memorable while doing my best to avoid burnout.


Here's a look through my glass walls.


Stay as long as you need.

Keyboard and Mouse

A compilation of things and ideas to do to refocus and recharge

Schedules and routines to use for daily habits, meals, workouts, kids or activities

Homeschooling - fun ways to make everyday activities educational

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Self care is so important. It is purposeful planning to keep yourself charged and healthy.

Today's culture makes it so easy with technology to continuously work and feel "productive" - however it can often go unnoticed how much energy is being used without being replenished. 

It's draining in ways that you could end up feeling a loss of identity along with mental and physical strain. 

Just like how we take the time to make sure our devices are charged and our vehicles filled with gas - we should for our minds and bodies.

self care


Everyone has 24 hours in a day. A schedule is just how you organize your daily activities within those 24 hours. It's not realistic to expect everyone to follow the same cookie cutter schedule, so here are some examples of ways you can structure your daily schedule.

-School, no kids

-School, with kids

-Working, no kids

-Working, with kids

-WFH, no kids

-WFH, with kids

-SAH parent*  

           *(with kids)


Part of what makes our daily schedule are the repetitive tasks we have throughout the day. These tasks get accomplished easier once they are made into routines. Everyone has their way of doing things - but here are some of your typical routines.



meal preps




One of the things about me is that I personally could never fit into a structure built by anyone else for my day. I would typically have a hard time keeping it sustainable. So my schedules and routines were made by me for what works best with my day to day life.


However, a lot of the resources I used are fairly accessible. Here are my favorites

schedules & routines