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A New Addition - Month 2

The excitement hit us fast- just as fast as the headaches and fatigue I started to experience.

So now we knew and wondered, “Now what?” First we started making sure I was getting the right prenatal nutrients from my vitamins as well as enough water to keep hydrated. Then, I realized we would have to watch my activity so that I don’t overexert myself- especially with the pups. Finally we took a good look at our diet, which wasn’t too bad, to make sure I was avoiding the things I shouldn’t be eating and getting the protein and iron necessary for baby’s development.

The first couple of weeks weren’t too bad, missing sushi and buffets the most. A little bit nauseous when my stomach was running on empty. But as the weeks passed by the tenderness, soreness, and nausea became more apparent.

We couldn't keep the news from the grandparents to be much longer and we quietly made the announcement to immediate family between Christmas and New Years. It was a great way to welcome 2018.

I think we’re managing ok. Between work with the recitals booked and business picking up for the holidays we haven’t missed a beat! Pretty much prepping for our first prenatal appointment and seeing how baby is coming along.

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