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A New Addition - Month 5

It's a Boy!

This past month we got the full anatomy ultrasound, found out the gender, and grew a couple pants sizes! (Hello maternity pants) Some of my things were just wayy too small and wayy too uncomfortable.

As I gain about a pound every week I've been also getting a bit sore from the itty bitty weight change. (yikes) However, I still keep myself active especially now that the weather is getting (somewhat) warmer.

Andy has started running outside again as he preps for some upcoming marathons, so I've been going on some short walks with Shea. It's hard to believe we're already halfway through, and now things are starting to slowly pick up in terms of changes in the home.

One of the most amazing things we've experienced this month is feeling the baby kicks. While I feel soreness and stretching - I look forward to feeling him move and letting me know he's responding to things going on outside the womb.

Family is all excited to welcome Seth this August and we continue to wait.

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