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A New Addition - Month 7

Welcome to the third trimester! I have officially popped my belly out- however this is the trimester where baby put on his lbs!

Happy to report that Seth is continuing to follow his good growth pattern and that all is well from the recent ultrasound we had. As well as I passed my tests for GD and am clear to continue the current diet I’ve been having.

Now as we start biweekly appointments, finding an opening with the OB has gotten a bit more challenging. Getting the whooping cough vaccine was also a little nerve wrecking but it was no big deal.

I felt extremely blessed and special this past Mother’s Day. My perspective is so different now with everything I’ve experienced so far. Also, with the recital coming up- we’re looking at closing this month off from working and taking an official/non-official maternity leave.

Almost at the finish line!

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