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A New Addition - Month 8

Let the waiting game begin!

We wrapped up last month with Seth's baby shower and now have the task of putting things in order at the house! Which is fine because I also just started my official/non-official maternity leave. At first I wasn't sure what to do with my time - but with the weather and the need to take things easy and not over exert-myself, last minute organizing and preparations are keeping me occupied.

The weekly appointments will be starting this month as well as we get closer to his due date (August 6). It's going to be time for the Group B strep test amongst other things.. but based on what I've been feeling, Seth is going to be a very active little boy! He's been so good to me throughout the past several months I already know he's going to be a mama's boy.

We now welcome July with the anticipation of being ready for him at any moment, along with of course the many parties and get togethers that happen at this point in the summer.

Who knows - maybe the next update will be about his arrival!

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