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Ruby Rush to Diamond

This years annual Leadership Surge was definitely one that will be remembered as a turning point in many peoples lives. With the new qualifiers and new pins, the ones who would be known as the stars of the weekend made the experience all the more unique.

Each speaker delivered their message with passion and heart for the team. Not only were we learning invaluable information but also absorbing the mindset, the heart, and the energy of each speaker.

As leaders, we are the ones who need to do things first so that those who are following us can see our example and learn to lead from that example. A whatever it takes mentality is going beyond what is expected and getting the job done. Understanding the power we have within ourselves in taking action towards our goals is all we need to make the first steps as we continue growing and hustling for our dreams.

This weekend marks the new starting line - the line of the lowest and smallest point in everyone's business and its only growth from here going forward.

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