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A New Addition - Month 9

Hello Due Date!

We are officially at 40 weeks full term! Now what?

This past month was probably the busiest month - or it just felt like it because of how much more effort it took for me to move around. However, we filled this month with some travels and events that I'm glad to say did not upset Seth at all as he seems to be cozy right where he is!

Its funny because I was just as active this month as I was the previous if not more, had more doctors appointments and check ups, and was actually ready for any sudden changes that never came up.

I would say we did everything we needed to this month pre-baby that we needed to and could think was necessary but now we're ready to meet our little one. If we go much longer we will be looking at taking some tests to see how much more we have to go until Seth is ready to meet the world.

Its bittersweet because as much as I'm ready to finally meet, see and hold him/get to know his personality - these are the last moments where it will be just me and him, where I'm his sole protector and provider. I feel this incredible bond and I already know I'm going to be overprotective at times with him and other people, but I know its about time to move on to the next steps with his journey. I'm sure I will be like this at every point of his life - celebrating each new milestone he reaches while still craving for him to stay little and be my baby for as long as possible.

Our furbabies are also anticipating his arrival - I feel like they're responding to my changing hormones and anticipation. They've been so good and sweet this past month through all the changes and I know that their quiet lives are going to be changed as soon as he joins this party.

Lets keep the waiting game going though! We will have many more stories to tell later on.

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