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A New Addition - Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Seth!

The day is finally here! Seth Aiden was born today at 1:45pm at a whopping 7lbs 11oz. 20” in length! What a big strong healthy little boy!

It’s so funny because this week we had our appointments and there were no changes. By Wednesday evening after yet another appointment of no change, we had the ultrasound and induction set for the 13th and 14th of August.

Now I was not looking at being induced so we decided to try some of the wives tales and I ended up actually adding hot sauce to my food for the first time EVER! And it actually created a result!

I ended up losing my mucus plug that night which gave us a scare because we weren’t sure what that meant- called the hospital and were in Thursday morning only to find out that I had just starred to dilate. We got sent home (boo) but that’s when things started to change.

My contractions now seemed to have more pressure - sort of like I had period cramps. But we were still a long way from 10cm so we decided to try more wives tales. Over the weekend I ate more spicy foods and went for walks in the mall- Saturday night being the most painful as I had to stop very frequently to just sit and endure the contraction pressure. Over night they were so strong I would grip the bed frame- but they were only 15 minutes apart.

Sunday morning we went to church - contractions every 10 minutes or so (still not 5 mins apart as we were directed to go to the hospital when it was 5 minutes) and we decided to go to my moms house and stay there because of our ultrasound appointment in the morning.

Needless to say as the night came the contractions got more frequent and stronger as they had the night before and I got concerned seeing as how I was gripping the bed frame Saturday night how would I be able to make it through the night at my moms.

We ended up calling the hospital letting them know my contractions were 6-8