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A New Addition - Time to go home

And just like that- we’re clear to go home.

Already? - At first I was feeling anxious about leaving the hospital. I was always ready for taking care of the baby, but I never anticipated having to be a patient myself.

It was actually nerve wracking realizing that I was unable to do things not only for myself but for the baby. I knew that I was going to need to heal, but what I didn’t know was exactly how my body would feel.

I now understand when they say you feel like you’ve bit hit by a truck- in my opinion my body felt like I just did a p90x workout all in one day. I was just sore and aching all over. And I had to get used to no longer having a catheter.. let’s just say I relied on the nurses a LOT for all things regarding the bathroom.

With this also being my first experience in the hospital as a patient I just felt very helpless and frustrated with the fact that there were certain things I couldn’t do on my own. It was also a bit embarrassing. Once I realized that I had to be taken cared of, I suddenly became very anxious about leaving the hospital to go home- because I knew I didn’t prepare for this at home.

Luckily Andy was great the whole time- with adjusting to the baby’s schedule and having to do mostly everything for the baby except feeding (that was exclusively me) he was there for both the baby and me when I needed help. It was always the times I tried to do something on my own without waking him up for help that things ended up getting a little messy.

We only spent two nights in the hospital. Next thing we know it’s time to be discharged. Just like that! I couldn’t believe it.. but apparently we were ready to go home with our newborn babe.

Seth this whole time was a doll. He sleeps until we have to wake him to eat, eats very well, and had good amounts of diapers to show that he was getting well nourished.

He has his first pediatric appointment tomorrow morning (so soon!) and I’m still figuring out how to get him in the car seat.

Anyway- there’s more to today as all the doctors are coming in to give us instructions and the photographer will be here soon to take newborn photos. And then we’ll be on our way (so busy)

Let’s see how things turn out at home.

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