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Professional Travelers - with a baby!

We've just returned from yet another trip - and this time we had Seth with us!

As a mom, I can't even begin to explain the anxiety I was constantly shutting down as we packed our bags and started our journey. But why? Why go through the anxiety and the trouble of having to figure out travel, hotel, and who would be watching the baby?

When I tell you - it is because we value the opportunity to receive the mentorship we have been receiving from this team - you honestly probably still wouldn't understand. But I still wonder, how much mental energy do other people put in to what they are doing in life without access to mentorship?

Just the thought of having to make big decisions without someone to bounce off the idea of - someone who has been there and has experience and knows what results may come of the actions - make my stomach start to turn. I am grateful that we've had this association thus far and that we still have access to our mentors not only as teachers but as friends in life.

Needless to say, being away this weekend with our almost 2 month old son was new for us, but nothing that our mentors had not experienced before and we learned so much. The future is bright and we're really looking to apply these slight alterations in our businesses and paying it forward.

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