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A New Addition - 3 Months Old!

We have reached the end of the "fourth trimester" Have you ever heard of that before? Apparently at this point of a babies life they are officially considered an infant and no longer a newborn. From what I understand this is around the time that their digestion sets in and they also become considered "less fragile".

Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying this month. I feel more at ease and like I have his feedings and schedule under better control - and I know how to comfort him during his gassy times better. His caretakers however are still getting the hang of it but I'm working with him to be good with them too.

He's been getting grabby with things and he brings them to his mouth, so his teethers have come in handy. But what I love the most is that he is starting to respond more fondly towards me. At first it was not like that at all and as his mother I felt very emotional. Thankfully we got through that phase of his life and he is all smiles and giggles with me now. My precious boy - I'm so in love.

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