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A New Addition - 4 Months Old!

Hello month 4! We're starting to get really busy as the holidays have been ramping up. But whats really cool is how I've got Seth on a pretty good sleep schedule and he's officially been sleeping for 8 hours straight through the night! I think the first time it happened I constantly woke up to check on him to make sure he was still breathing (and he was!) and from that point onward we have been getting some much needed rest.

He's been rolling from his tummy to his back now and likes to "backstroke" across the bed - as he's also learned how to change directions! His social skills are flourishing even more now as he's meeting all these people at the holiday parties we've been attending. He babbles as he hears everyone talking.

One of the things we've found a great use for is our Alexa dot. We hadn't really used it as much up until this point and I feel like after I discovered the "drop in" feature works great as a baby monitor I've been discovering so many more things Alexa can do!

I think I know what I'm doing for my family Christmas gifts this year!

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