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Hello 2019!

Happy New Year!

With every new year comes the time for new plans, new goals, & new seasons. We have got some new things coming up and I'm so grateful to God that he has prepared us for these changes.

Some changes we're seeing for this new year are:

1-being parents to a growing baby

2-breaking past some business boundaries

3-worship ministers to now Epic Church International*

Some goals we have are in:


2-health & diet

3-spiritual awareness

4-business expansion

5-new projects & music creativity

6-home renovations

I intend to document and keep up with our progress - and look to share what we've accomplished with some others. Honestly there is only so much we can do through social media and the internet until we actually start getting more intimate and personal with the people who need help - who need another person to walk them through what we've been walked through.

Finally - for this year I'd like to reflect back on our year of mentorship and what we've experienced thus far. The way we think about the world-family, finances, and the spiritual realm has radically changed this year. I believe we've grown so much in terms of our awareness and empathy with the world and how we look at other people.

A lot of times you never really see what another person is going through and I feel like we are all actually in the same position where - there's some sort of internal struggle, a personal battle, that each and every one of us has the opportunity to overcome. Sometimes I feel down in my days but I'm grateful for my husband to be there to pick me up out of my funk and I feel like so many people would overcome more if they had a person to talk to, to help them up to their feet, and honestly let them know who really is in charge of what's going on in their life. We have the power to empower and we just need to have the courage to reach out to people. While in the world we cannot see the battle - the atmosphere has a way of connecting us and letting us know what going on within the other realms.

I'm inspired, I'm empowered, and I'm unstoppable. I will achieve more this year and I will conquer what I need to conquer.

Affirm what you are. Let's have a great year!

IG: _natashacaballero

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