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I've Got Some Music Ringing in my Ear

What a day! I'm so happy with how smoothly this years holiday recital turned out.

As posted on,

"This year we closed out the holidays with our annual Holiday Recital and we kids played a couple of familiar tunes for their friends and family. As everyone settled into their seats, the time came for us to start and one by one the students presented what they had been working on. Each one had their own style and their own nerves – each wanting to do their best. And while they may have been nervous, they remained calm with composure. Performing is the final step in learning the piano – where everything comes together to be shared with listening ears. These students showed that they not only learned the music, but that they took the time to practice and present smoothly whether they had an upbeat piece or a slow one.

As the new year begins we have a lot more to work on as they all continue to progress to further personal skill levels. Please enjoy the Holiday recital – we’ll see you at the next one!"

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