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A New Addition - 6 Months Old!


Half a year already?! I seriously can NOT believe it. What updates do we have now?

Well, Seth's social skills have been increasing as he now babbles and makes some noises himself. Usually singing back to me - which can also be heard as very loud cooing.

He's been eating - but not like we thought he would. Apparently he wasn't digging any of the fancy purees Andy was whipping up - and some of that stuff was pretty good! We've found that he actually takes to eating more with the foods cut up into small pieces and chewing on them with his gums in the side of his mouth. We do need to get him to eat more, but we probably forced him a bit too much with the purees and will have to build up his receptiveness again. So far his favorites are avocados and costco chicken - as well as WATER! Soooo simple right?

And finally the biggest update is on the mobility side... Seth is officially a ROLLER! With that said - we have to be VERY watchful of him now because he will keep going and going and going.

I'm still not over the fact that half a year has gone and he's grown so much before my eyes.. where is the pause button!?!?

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