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Marching up to Syracuse

Travel time again! This time we went up to Syracuse, New York for our training and networking event - and we took the whole family with us! We packed up the baby, the dog, and Lolo and we had a great time as a family. Seth loves it when we go somewhere new and he is now at the age where he can start exploring the hotel - the bed at least.

We were able to leave Seth for a longer period of time this time around and that was a blessing because I got to feel independent again. I understand that sometimes with working moms its hard to leave your child with the sitter or at a daycare - and sometimes get judged for it. But for a mom who likes to be productive and accomplish something in her career those times away are absolutely freeing to the mind and body.

Its nice to find a good balance when you can choose to work when you want and choose to be with your child when you want. I appreciate having these options as I continue to work for my family and still nurture my family.

So as we continue to work we will be able to serve and help more moms and families have the option to become independent and have the choice of what they do with their time.

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