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A New Addition - 8 Months Old!

8 Whole Months.

Seth laughs, he cries, he sings, he yells, he repeats after me and some other people... and he says MAMA! - of course he says it in case of emergency on the occasion when he's crying but I'll take it!

He's gotten a lot faster with crawling and moving in general - at first he was super cautious when we put him on the ground and wouldn't try to move. Now he seems to have been getting more comfortable with the ground and getting used to little falls knowing that he's ok. He pulls himself up more often and is moving with determination to get to where he wants to go now - which is usually either to me or to something he can grab to pull himself to his feet. He walks supported now - taking the cutest little steps in big strides. and loves it when daddy "waddles" with him.

I've stopped trying new foods with him for a bit to get a feel for which foods he prefers over

others and we've been on a pretty good system. I aim to figure out what foods he takes the best and enjoys so that I can associate the food with him being watched by sitters so that it's and overall positive experience for him.

He has favorite toys now too - typically the things that make sounds. So we make those available for him. And we're in the process of setting up his playroom upstairs! This makes me excited because I feel like I have to watch him too much or carry him too much and I want him to exert his independence more - but in a controlled environment where its safe for him to fall, roll, and just explore.