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A New Addition - 9 Months Old!

I blinked and Seth is now 9 months old. He has officially been in the world just as long as he had been growing inside of me. I'm emotional.

He has conquered his first flight of stairs - the ones at church leading up to the stage. Ever since then he's been climbing just about everything he can get his feet on.

His play room is all set up now! He loves it. I put out every toy and book for him to choose form and I let him exert his energy. He gets very excited but while he has this WHOLE AREA to himself - he proceeds to go BEYOND it and explore other areas of the room that aren't quite baby friendly yet.

He loves being in conversations and babbles at everyone - even though he's started to show some apprehensiveness to new people he hasn't really seen before. Just 5 minutes of talking with a new person and he opens up and waves at them. He's also been giving out lots of high fives and almost has the flying kiss figured out!

The other day he was starting to get the hang of feeding himself - which has been a long time coming. Its funny because he easily puts things in his mouth but seems to need to concentrate harder when it he's working on putting edibles in his mouth!

Also - as of this past month Seth has been officially signed to be represented by New York Model Management Kids Division! We're grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to what this may bring his way. He's already been to a casting call and he loved seeing all the other kids and was full of life as he was getting his picture taken.