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"If Music be the Food of Love, Play On - Play On"

Every year as I plan and prep for the Recital, I never quite know how I'm going to top off the previous one. But the thing is - its not me who tops it off, its these amazing kids and how they continue to work with me and become better at their craft.

This year a grand number of them had their music memorized, played lengthy and challenging pieces, and continued to break down walls that were holding them back before. I also had a student who basically graduated from piano lessons as she is now a senior, after taking lessons with me for about 6 years, and will be going away to college in August!

I'm grateful to have such great relationships with not only my students but the parents as well. As I continue to look forward, it's nice once and a while to be able to look back on moments like these.

Enjoy this years 2019 Spring Recital

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