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A New Addition - 10 Months Old!

Cue the Baby Blues pt.2 - as Seth reaches double digits I look at him and wonder "Where did my baby go?"

His personality continues to shine through as he meets people and waves. He blows kisses to the ladies and can also clap his hands now. His newest trick is his baby "downward dog" yoga pose - which also means he's ready for a sibling. HAH.

He's gotten the hang of eating at his chair - but we may move it downstairs to start eating at the table now. Double digits is no joke babe - we gotta get him geared up to eat every meal at the table with us! However I am still looking to follow his cue in the BLW area. He's more open to trying foods and playing with it more so now than before but it's based on the day and type of food. Maybe when more teeth come in he'll be more interested (we'll keep an eye out for them)

With every new experience he seems to like to test the waters as opposed to being thrown into something new and caught off guard. Then as he evaluates his surroundings and gets comfortable - he lets himself loose. The more comfortable and confident he is with something the bolder his movements and actions are. It's truly amazing to see - and I usually see the more confident side of him because it seems that when I'm present it really adds to his comfort levels.

I'm just soaking up every moment and trying to make sure that I intentionally pay attention to him and interact with him because I can get caught up on my phone sometimes. I never want to feel like I missed out - and with our busy schedules its even more important to me to be present when I have time specifically for him.

We'll see what happens this month!

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