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A New Addition - 11 Months Old!

This little guy at 11 months has officially been on 6 out of state trips! And we're working to catch everyone up on how he's been progressing!

He's sprouted 8 teeth now and has gotten a lot more receptive to eating (from a fork and spoon too!) He used to just avoid the spoon and try to grab it before, but now when we eat out at restaurants he's been eating from them [YES!] It makes mealtimes much more appropriate for the public [haha] But with all of his solids that he's eating he still prefers to drink lots of milk. I'm just following this BLW experience even though as these teeth keep popping out I think Mama Led Weaning is more appealing.

He's getting to know certain people more now,

choosing his favorites over others - and becomes a bit reserved in large crowds. But if you catch him one on one he's most likely going to acknowledge you and talk. But I believe he's just at that stage where they associate new people as strangers until he sees us talking with them, then he warms up.

This new behavior hasn't affected his modeling though. At castings he's having a blast, probably having the most fun while waiting for his turn. As he gets to the camera though he knows its work time - and he has actually started to pause and pose when he notices a camera. This has been a funny trick to do when he starts getting fussy - and someone just pulls out a camera to make him pause. But once that camera goes away he remembers what he was fussing about [usually for milk]

He's gained more confidence with mobility. Along with the trips we've taken - he's used that mobility to thoroughly explore the hotel room and new locations. He crawls, climbs, stands, and cruises - he even took a couple of steps with his walker! so we know walking will be coming soon - until then I think he just knows that he can get to his destination faster by crawling for right now.

Another new experience for him this month were swimming and fireworks! [but not at the same time!] His fireworks experience at our friends wedding startled him after about a minute of repetitive explosions - but I think that's mainly because it caught him off guard. When he saw the 4th of July fireworks he was ready and definitely enjoyed them more.

With swimming - he was cautious [as he is with everything new] but as soon as he got splashing in the water you couldn't take him out of the pool! His feet were getting all wrinkly and cold but even when I took him out he fussed and climbed back in! It looks like we're going to need to get one for him to have here but he may not ever leave it!

And finally - he's gone down the kiddy slide all on his own. {what?} apparently it happened while he was at the church nursery and since then its been another one of his favorite things.

Overall, with his gained independence and my loss of control he's been having a lot of fun every single day this summer. I can't believe its already almost been a year and with how much he's grown my heart has expanded just as well. These months were indeed short even though the days seemed long and were looking at the next update to be a BIG ONE!

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