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A New Addition - 1 YEAR OLD!


Reflecting back on this past year is so surreal to me. The memories of tough times don't seem as tough and the memories of good times leave me bittersweet. And what's funny now is we're even more surrounded by new babies all younger than Seth - we're wondering when we will be blessed with out next one! But until that happens, let me tell you all about this big boy.

He's super social and super happy 90% of the time! 5% sleepy and 5% fighting his sleep are the other moods for now. Seth love his Dada and his Dadventure times - and that's probably the closest thing he gets to having Mama and Mamatime! He's still working on walking but taking his time to feel confident. He's always been aware and cautious with his motions and new tricks so whenever he feels like its time to go he'll go. If ever he feels a little uncertain, he carefully lowers himself back down to his knees and speedy crawls away!

He's starting to get into the habit of eating 3 times a day and nursing 3 times a day, however he still likes to eat on his terms. If he's not hungry - you can't make him eat. But be ready for when he does get hungry because then its only a matter of second before he get HANGRY! His mealtime buddy is officially Shea - as he likes to consistently share his food with her - so we make sure the foods he eats are also dog friendly. Pasta seems to be his favorite - with lots of flavor! the more the better sometimes it seems! And even though mealtime does get messy - we have the cleaner upper pupper right by him.

His 8 teeth are enjoying their time now but not for long! He's starting to teeth again and it looks as though the sides are coming in too now! His teething journey has always been pretty good but these seem to be even more bothersome. I think its because they're harder for him to reach - so we'll keep a lookout for them this upcoming month.

And finally - with people he's super happy! He just enjoys playing and showing off what he can do - and even plays on his own. Some of his new fun things to play with are his ball pit, his puzzles, his books, his bike, and driving the car. These are a few of the things he received for his birthday. As he continues to grow we know there's still so much in store for him and we're on this ride with him 100% of the way.

Our beautiful baby boy - Seth Aiden Caballero

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