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Onward & Upward | IPMC 2019

"God doesn't call the equipped, He equipts the called."

What a powerful week we had throughout IPMC both morning and night sessions all leading us to take action in and through our faith.

In today's society - to take a stance on something seems almost as if you're actually walking on eggshells as not to offend anyone. And as the enemy would have it - to keep people in this timid stance causing them not to act upon their faith nor speak the truth. Even as I'm sitting here typing this out - I'm thinking of "How do I phrase this?" - because in my spirit I know that once I speak in generalities, someone is going to have a different opinion.

I'm not here to get in a debate about any opinions but simply to share what I know to be true and what I know God is doing in the lives of his people.

I am not a pastor, I am not a professional speaker, and I have no further or higher education in regards to the teaching of Christianity or the Bible - but I AM a student, I AM a child of God, and I AM a firm believer that Jesus came for me and gave his life for me.

I know that I have a calling in my life, and that God has been guiding me through every challenge and circumstance that has been put in my path. That these things have been there not to stop or prevent me from reaching my purpose however to enhance me through experience and therefore preparing me for what's to come in my future.

So if you think of life like getting a job - the only

way you can move up in your career is by gaining experience in that field. Therefore even if you feel uncomfortable or uncertain - the only way you'll become better in that field is by acting upon those skills you need to develop. You need to get through the uncomfortable phase and get used to the actions that then turn into a developed skill. And once that skill is acquired - its something you can put on your resume of life to enhance yourself into your next chapter.

When tough times come - its life. In my opinion, its neither God nor the enemy that has cause this tough time to come - BUT - the enemy will see it and try to paralyze you there in order to prevent you from gaining the necessary lesson this circumstance will leave you with. It's when there is a financial issue or a health issue or a relationship issue - that you will get smacked in the face and you can either look for a solution or wallow in "woe is me" - and "woe is me" won't help you acquire your life skill.

As people, children of God, and a church community -

I take it upon myself to see other's as children of God - all a part of his great family and grand plan. I take it upon myself to understand that life is currently happening to everyone and they all need someone to remind them that "woe is me" is not an option. Some people need more support than others - but in the end the greatest support and by leading them to having a stronger relationship with the ultimate planner - the creator - our God. While we may be available at times on Earth - he is the strongest force that will ultimately guide them on their journey.

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