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Purposeful Rest

"Your worth doesn't come from what you do but who you are."

With the start of a New Year there are bound to be many changes - both planned and unplanned. As we deal with these changes, its easy to get caught up, become over worked, and even overwhelmed.

That is why it is even more so important to make time for Purposeful Rest in your schedule. An example of purposeful rest is the concept of the Sabbath. A 24 hour period where you do not use any of your time on work - both paid and unpaid. It is so that you have time in your schedule to rest from your work - then work from your rest. That way - there is a nice even and steady flow in your work rhythm.

Taking a break from your work to rest is important for your physical health as well as your mental health. While you take a break from doing work and activities that are strenuous to do - it is beneficial to use this time to do activities that Restore Your Energy.

-There is a difference between recreation and restoration. -

Activities that are life-giving come in all different shapes and sizes, unique to you. For some that may be working out, yoga, music, art, cooking, eating, even taking a nap. Some families even use this time to have a family game night or movie night. When you are able to do activities that restore your energy - you will feel that refreshing surge similar to how you feel while on a vacation. Except this time instead of waiting another 6 months to a year - you have another day of purposeful rest scheduled for the next week, and the week after that, and the week after that!

With every change comes a adjustment - so remember to give yourself some grace and make use of scheduling purposeful rest in your calendar for this 2020 year.

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