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Walking with 2020 Vision

Happy New Year!

All of these changes have happened so fast and so instantly - it truly feels like God reached down and plucked us up from where we were to place us in this entirely new position that had been set up and just waiting for us. It's incredible to see as I look at our upcoming year - how while we were praying for certain changes, God was already setting up the place he was going to place us in. As if we just had to wait as he built it all and once the final touch was finished he took us from the place we were "renting" and said "Here you go, a new starting point."

We now start the year with a new schedule, a new car, a new church, a new job, new responsibilities and new phases in everything we're involved in. I found a new passion in being a mother and teaching my son. A new independence as I now commute to teach all alone. A new appreciation for the time I have with my son and my husband. I'm grateful that Andy will be starting a new job in the city, and grateful that Andy's dad is available to watch Seth while I teach. I'm overwhelmed by the changes but I know as with anything when you give it some time and push through you as a human begin to naturally adapt to the changes and things that at first seem hard will get easier. I'm just truly grateful for the position that we're in right now. My heart is so full and my vision is 2020.

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