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Going Virtual!

Hello from @SLClarity!

If you don't know by now - COVID has caused us to switch our lessons to Virtual Remote Learning. Whether our students were learning piano or guitar - we no longer traveled to homes since March of 2020.

While it has caused some students to no longer continue with us - we're very grateful and excited for the ones who continued to support us and adapted to this new way of learning.

As schools come to a close for the 2020 year, this is the time we would hold our annual Spring Recital.

I'm excited to announce that in spite of the changes - these students have continued to learn and progress in their studies and have put together some songs to play for our very first Virtual Recital!

With the use of Flipgrid and Youtube - we present to you, SLClarity 2020 Virtual Recital

- and a special senior performer -

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