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Half way to 2!

Hey there! Now that I've recently turned 18 months (that's the same as 1 year and a half!) I'm able to be more independent! My Mommy (previously known as Mama) helps me learn to do things the first couple of times until I am able to get it done myself. I have monthly updates on my IG: @_sethaidencaballero for you all to check out.

As I'm getting older I'm working out the things I like sharing. Since IG is so simple, I keep things pretty up to date there. I am however very eager to learn and share with all of you so once I get the hang of this you'll certainly be hearing more from me!

I can do and say a lot now, although I think Mommy is the one who best understands my lingo for right now. I also have very specific interests - even though I'm willing to learn more. My current music playlist has upgraded as well as my video playlist.

But now let's talk about what other 18 month olds are expected to do right now.

We're expected to be able to walk and say a certain amount of words. That we should be able to follow instructions and understand punishment for doing things we weren't supposed to do. My motor skills should be developed enough to handle small objects and put things together as well as take them apart. And all of these things check out.

Next I'm going to be expected to learn how to use the potty and communicate when I need things. Sometimes I get frustrated too quickly before asking for help. And soon I should be able to dress and undress myself very well - as well as wean.

I'm not sure how I feel about the weaning thing though because I really love the comfort my mama brings. Every time she mentions it I smile, because I know I'm in control of deciding when to stop. Now that these other teeth are coming in though I think maybe that means I'm a big boy. I like being a big boy except when it means I have to stop doing things that I want to do because big boys know better.

Either way the rest of this year has a lot in store for me and I'll be sure to fill you in as soon as I can! Don't forget to keep up on IG!


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