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Introducing - Asher Stone

I think I have the kind of birth story that every woman would kinda hate in a "good for you" kind of way.

It basically started like any other day - I was full term with Asher ready to evict. It was a nice day, I lost my mucus plug but otherwise not really feeling any painful contractions. I knew I was already at 1cm from my last appointment and I was waiting to get a call back for a scheduled induction. Honestly I just wanted everything planned out so I would know what to do with Seth. It was a long week with us constantly bringing his overnight stuff in and out of the car because we would still need his "Scout cube" and toiletries every night and couldn't leave the house without them nor leave them in the car. However this day - with officially losing my mucus plug and everything - I had a feeling things were going to be coming along. I even tested Megan to see what her day was like because I knew my brother would be busy recording from 2-6.

Anyway we loaded the car and just planned to bring Seth to a park and have a nice family day. I even checked in with my brother at five below to see how his plans were for the afternoon. And so - we were driving past the park looking for parking when mid-contraction Andy hit a bump in the road and all of a sudden it felt like I peed/had a heavy period flow coming out. Luckily I had doggy pads in the car and Andy was able to pull over and grab one for the seat as I quickly looked up the number for my doctor. Being the weekend I had to make sure I called the right number and they forwarded my message to her.