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This year started off great - but then we got caught in a whirlwind.

We were going to wait to upgrade our room in a way where we finally (after 8 years of living here) could make it feel like home. Well - Andy decided to give me a treat and got in done within the first two weeks of this year so that I could be comfortable and ready for baby Asher. We upgraded to a king size foam mattress that did wonders for my achy pregnant body. Finally got some of our own furniture and arranged the room in a way that actually used the space efficiently. We made customized sections for Nala, Shea, and Seth to play - so that they could all feel comfortable and not get into each others "safe zones". Bed time even got upgraded by officially having a spot for Seth's "Scout cube" and I no longer have to sing him to sleep. The black out curtains worked beautifully and the new organizational system really made our bedroom feel peaceful. But little did I know that this "peace" was going to be short lasted.

We enjoyed the new set up for about a week. The whirlwind came and hit our home - figuratively speaking. Andy's dad in passing mentioned how his aunt tested positive for COVID. and then the dread came in.

Even though Andy's dad felt like he didn't need to get tested - he reluctantly did anyway and his test came back positive. Panic set in as I though about Andy, Seth, myself and Asher. We all lived with him! Within 48 hours we got our tests with negative results, packed up our stuff including the pets, and set off to stay at my moms house.

Thankfully Andy's dad is asymptomatic. He doesn't feel a thing. But that doesn't mean we were safe there. No one knows how we could be affected if we actually got infected especially myself with the baby. Luckily his ignorance didn't affect us and we are ok here but we are quarantining for the meantime. All five of us.

I'm sure we will get used to things over time but being displaced like this is very stressful. It's a huge change of scenery and since we're staying in the room it's pretty cramped up. I honestly don't know where to start so we're taking each day one hour at a time - literally.

I'm praying that my stress levels decrease over time and that everyone will adjust. All we can do from here is wait.


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