Another Year

I'm losing count - losing count of my age! I believe the number this year is 28 [woah] and I still feel like I'm 22 when Andy and I got married. Time is an interesting thing. We feel like we're the same people, maybe a little more patience, maybe a little more wise. But when we look back we're looking at 10 years since high school, leading up to 10 years since we met. And this also changes the way I see other adults. Because now as a mom, I see that the adults around me are just like me - big kids that now have kids.

I wouldn't say there's anything that makes me "feel different" which is odd because I feel like this is probably the time when most people find themselves stuck in a rut. Its a year where you've been out of school long enough to look back and see what you've accomplished since graduating college and seeing if thats where you wanted to be in 5 years. I can say I'm not where I thought I would be, but I'm also not stuck in the same place as I was when I graduated.

So I'm making goals and making plans and looking forward to where we're going together as a family and truly cherishing each moment as each day makes up my life and my story.

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