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This past weekend we gathered in Washington D.C with the elite mentorship team and welcomed the newest round of qualified mentees.

The energy was infectious.

A lot of what was spoken about emphasized the impact and leadership we contain and ways to take ownership in not only our business assets but also the many individual circumstances we have in our personal lives.

Mentorship plays a big key in choices we make in our daily lives because as we grow in our thought process it not only affects one area but rather all areas in our life. We value the teachings and access we have to the bigger mindset so that we can continue our journey on the path that is leading us to accomplish our goals.

Every action we take is to bring us closer to being a full time family; where our assets

generate enough income to care for our basic necessities and emergencies, allowing us the time to pursue passions and values that we would not have the time for otherwise being bound to a workplace.

With the movement we've been creating thus far, we planned out the next steps for the rest of this fiscal year and what we're looking to accomplish.

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