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That's Christmas to Me

Merry Christmas! Needless to say, we've had a LOT of changes from last year to this year. Between being new parents, full time self-employed, and rehearsing for church - every single day had to be prepped for the night before with tons of check lists and and to do lists - leaving the house from noon to get back around midnight. Phew!

For the most part, I knew how to organize things to be able to get around - and as long as I had the bags prepped the night before all I needed was for Andy to load the car and grab the baby on the way out. Yes - I forgot some things sometimes - but it worked out ok.

Christmas Eve & Christmas were so special. I just love seeing the family for the holidays - its literally one of my favorite things (#qualitytime) With Seth, looking past all the planning for what outfits he should wear to planning out what outfits I should wear (breastfeeding & post preggo body approved outfits please!) we had a great time sharing him with friends and family during this time. Remarkably - we were still able to get together gifts for everyone, have it fit in the car (with our closet of bags we tote around with us) and literally actually did not forget anything! (can you see what I think about most of the time?)

Overall, experiencing Christmas through the eyes of a 4 month old baby - MY baby - was so special. Seth got tons of gifts and tons of love - I think I only had him during the parties whenever I needed to feed him, change him, or put him to sleep - other times he was passed around to family members and was so happy to be passed around.

-What are some of your favorite things about the holidays?

-What was your favorite memory from a past Christmas?

-What was your favorite memory from this Christmas?

-What fun traditions does your family have?

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