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Bringing in the New Year!

Once again we closed out the holidays with our annual Holiday Piano Recital. I'm so proud of how these kids continuously gather up their nerves and take all that they've worked on and practiced, presenting it to their friends, family & peers. As I've worked with them I get to know them and understand how they think and what they feel. It's not easy for a lot of them to go up the the baby grand and play. So even more than just pride for their ability to take what I've been teaching them and play, I am proud of them for being in control of their emotions and self presentation in public. I hope that they see this as a life long ability - to face things head on and make sure they work on things prior to when they have to be presented, and that it also helps them when they will have to deal with other life skills head on with confidence. But who knew that things like this could come from learning to play and perform on the piano?

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