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A New Addition - 1 Week Old!

Seth is 1 week old today! (What?!)

It’s been a week already. One whole week since we were at the hospital attached to all the machines and fluids being watched and cared for by all the nurses and doctors.

Seth has been growing- he actually already had started to gain weight when we went to the pediatrician- and grew an inch and 1/4!

We have a good handle of his schedule, but now Andy’s starting to go out more and I’m starting to take full control of all baby related necessities.

For me, I think I’m healing well. My post pregnancy body now looks like it went from 6 months back to 4 months as things go back to the way they were pre-baby.

This whole week I haven’t moved much from the bed except to go to the bathroom or get Seth from his bassinet. But now I even have a snuggle nest to keep him on the bed with me so I can get to him sooner.

It feels like time flew but at the same time it feels like forever because with having to wake every three hours to feed and change and sometimes pump for relief it almost seems like every day is just one super long day.

Anyway I’m happy and excited we get to celebrate this milestone with family as Megan, my mom and brother will be coming by to spend the day here. I’m excited for company and food and just someone else to talk to as Andy goes out to run errands (finally) and we get back to living life.

Happy 1 week Seth and here’s to many more!

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