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A New Addition - 1 Month Old

We made it! Seth is 1 Month Old today!

We had a pretty busy day - starting with Seth's doctors appointment where he got his next round of immunizations. He officially weighs more than 10 lbs [getting snug in those newborn diapers] his head is getting rounder, and is 21 1/4 inches long. He was such a trooper getting his shot, his sad cries made my heart melt.

Just based on what he's been able to do by each week, his growth for this month amazes me. It also seems that he's recognizing me now and I have been getting to know what he likes and what soothes him.

Today was also my first day back worshipping

at church and we had Titi Megan come in and babysit Seth. He did so well and it was great to have Megan with us.

As the hours feel long but the days fly by - I know there are so many milestones we will celebrate for him as I wish for him to stay little. But he's growing, strong and healthy, and I look forward for what's to come.

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