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A New Addition - 3 weeks old!

We are now at 3 weeks!

My boy has officially outgrown newborn outfits and I am so sad. I'm sad because he is no longer as little as he was when we brought him home and that it happened so fast, but this means he is healthy and growing and doing well! I know he is supposed to grow but I think everyone can relate to the feeling of wanting them to stay small forever.

He no longer falls right to sleep after eating like he used to-staying awake for longer periods of time. Part of the reason he's awake is because of gas. I found out this week that I will have to change my diet to non-dairy for his digestion and to avoid gassy foods.

The number one thing that works against this culprit of his discomfort is to hold him and

walk around with him. We walk around everywhere and he knows when I sit. In spite of all that he was able to sleep through worship and service at church.

He has also continued to gain more control of his head and started to grab things!

Can't wait to see whats next!

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